The Experts

It’s one thing for someone to love to listen to “Fats”, The “Lion”, The “Lamb”, “Jelly” and other classic pianists; but it’s another by a mile for someone to play all those individual styles. Neville Dickie is that kind of pianist, and capable of doing it phenomenally well.

Dick Neeld, Jersey Jazz

He is obviously his own man, relaxed and self confident, brash and sensitive at once. Neville Dickie must be viewed as a major transatlantic contender for the heavyweight title of stridedom.
William J. Schafer, Mississippi Rag

When Mr Dickie plays such Ammons pieces as “Boogie Woogie Stomp” or “Shout For Joy”, he projects the Ammons flair with a virtuosity and sensitivity that has been matched only by Mr Ammons himself.
John Wilson, New York Times

Neville Dickie’s devastatingly accurate left hand shows why, at any Stride convention, he’ll have a place reserved at the top table.
John Featherstone, Storeyville

He has a left hand which for sheer speed and total accuracy will take your breath away, especially if you’ve tried to play Stride and found out just how damn difficult it is to do properly.
David Stevens, Jazz Action, Australia

To sit as part of an unsuspecting audience.. to see this man walk onto the stage and go straight into “Harlem Strut” with all the verve, trickery and swing of an original James P. Johnson performance, is a truly breathtaking experience. Neville is in the tradition of gentle giants of the keyboard.
Tony Betts, The Jazz Rag

Acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic for his brilliant Waller style playing, Neville is also a Boogie and Ragtime exponent, but Stride remains his forte and he holds the band together masterfully.
Eddie Cook, Jazz Journal International

The greatest pianist in the Stride and Ragtime idiom in the country..No better man to illustrate Waller’s style with that rumbling left hand providing counter-melodies to the more florid improvisations from the right. Dickie, in fact, is something of a National treasure.
Peter Hepple, The Stage and Television Today

Neville Dickie, one of the best practitioners of the art.
Peter Silvester, author of “A Left Hand Like God”

Neville Dickie, one of the few piano players extant who could do the material justice, Neville immersed himself in and adapted the tunes to his own sterling mode of pianistry, and produced an authentic reinterpretation of stuff that hasn’t been heard live for decades. Perhaps a new term is needed to cover all this kind of playing. How about “Two-fisted”?. Come to think of it , how about MARVELOUS.
Dick Hyman, World renown Jazz Pianist and composer.

I know it’s terribly low brow but I just love it.
Harry Karet, gentleman and connoisseur

The best at Striding round the park & the best left hand I’ve ever bitten & chewed!  
Jazz, The Poodle